CAREL Ireland awarded - 2014 Environmental Award


At the 2014 Institute of Refrigeration Ireland Awards Dinner on the 11th of April 2014, which was attended by nearly 200 people representing the Contracting, Manufacturer (Novum), Supplier and Retailer (Tesco, Dunnes, MSVC) business areas, CAREL Ireland, in conjunction with Daikin Ireland and Tesco Ireland, were awarded the prestigious - 2014 Environmental Award.

This award was for: “Demonstrating a continuous track record of reducing Environmental Impact and CO2 emissions through focused system design and installation within the RAC and HVAC/R Industries in Ireland”. Despite submissions from a number of our local competitors, contractor companies and end users, CAREL Ireland’s overall store control with Retail Sistema (MPX Pro, PRack and PWPro) in conjunction with a Daikin Convenience Pack was deemed to be the best documented solution for the medium sized store. Tesco Ireland’s store in Dublin showed a documented 38% reduction in energy which is an exceptional achievement. Also, from their perspective, the installation of Retail Sistema also improved the store environment and operational margin by substantially reducing stock loss and encouraging shoppers to shop longer.