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CAREL announces a new plant in Croatia

CAREL announces the expansion of its Labin site in Croatia, currently the headquarters of the CAREL Adriatic subsidiary.

The new 5,200 m2 plant, expected to be completed by the beginning of next year, responds to the need to make the Group’s production capacity even more flexible and resilient so as to better support CAREL’s rapid growth in Europe, particularly in eastern Europe.

When the plant is fully operational, the Group expects to hire up to 100 new employees, in addition to the more than 200 who already work at the Labin site. And to strengthen its relationships with customers, the new plant will also host a showroom. Il will be thus possible to visit the factory, see the production process - mainly focused on humidifiers and electrical panels - and see the entire product range in person.

We are very proud to present this new plant in Croatia: eastern Europe is a rapidly growing market and one where we continue to see excellent results”, declared Francesco Nalini, CAREL Group Chief Executive Officer. “The initiative we have presented fits perfectly into our industrial strategy and our established international network, comprising 9 factories and over 27 commercial subsidiaries worldwide. The Group’s solid response to the pandemic has been fully reflected in the positive financial results achieved in 2020, giving us the confidence to continue the development process that has always been a distinctive feature of CAREL”.

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