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A study on efficient, innovative and sustainable ventilation systems: CAREL and RECUPERATOR at the 5

At the 52nd AICARR international conference, CAREL and RECUPERATOR will present a study entitled “Benefits of a hygienic, efficient and smart solution for ventilation systems in the age of the New Normal”. The conference will be held in Vicenza on 3 and 4 September 2021, at the University of Padua Engineering Faculty building, and will see a series of presentations relating to new components, systems and innovative design approaches in the HVAC industry.

The study, completed by a team from the two Group companies, will be presented on 4 September at 15:00 by Andrea Pagan, CAREL Application Manager - Commercial HVAC. It examines the multiple benefits of complete architecture for energy recovery, humidification, control and monitoring of AHUs, based on three key principles: hygiene, energy saving and digitisation.

The “new normal” and new operating criteria for ventilation systems have made it essential for the HVAC sector to pay more attention to better air hygiene, while at the same time highlighting the need for greater energy savings in running the systems involved. Air handling units are the heart of ventilation systems in commercial buildings, in which ventilation with fresh outside air is adopted as a strategy to eliminate pathogens from indoor environments. From an innovation and sustainability perspective, CAREL and RECUPERATOR propose a hygienic, efficient and smart solution for effective ventilation systems, which can both guarantee air hygiene (through compliance with the reference standard VDI 6022) and increase unit efficiency. The study compares an innovative proposal against more traditional functional schemes, highlighting the economic benefits, even in different climatic conditions.

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