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CAREL Product Range.

At CAREL Ireland we are able to offer the full range of Carel products. Select from the range below for additional information or complete the query form on our Contact US page if you would like specific technical information.

Programmable Controls.jpg
Programmable Controls
Refrigeration Parametric Controls.jpg
Refrigeration Parametric Controls
Water Treatment Systems.jpg
Water Treatment Systems
Sensors and Protection Devices.jpg
Sensors and Protection Devices
Air-Conditioning Parametric Contols
Isothermal Humidifiers.jpg
Isothermal Humidifiers
Remote Management & Monitoring Systems.jpg
Remote Management & Monitoring Systems
EEV Technology.jpg
EEV Technology
Retail product range.jpg
Adiabatic humidifiers.jpg
Adiabatic humidifiers
Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Contol Solutinos.jfif
Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Contol Solutinos
Speed Controllers and Inverters.jpg
Speed Controllers and Inverters
Power Solutions.jpg
Power Solutions
Obsolete Products.jpg
Obsolete Products
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