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CAREL White Papers

For CAREL, efficiency represents the starting point and final objective of a process that encompasses the conception, production and marketing of our systems. In order to stay loyal to this mission, every year we invest 7% of consolidated sales in Research & Development. Both applied research, aimed at testing the latest technological innovations in our labs, and research in a broader sense, aimed at acquiring new knowledge to expand the company’s know-how. 

It is this second type of research that is brought together and published in our white papers. Set out as technical articles, these papers examine key topics for the sectors that CAREL operates in. Subjects include humidification applications, international standards, commercial refrigeration, datacenters and air-conditioning. CAREL makes these papers available free-of-charge to the scientific community, in order to share our expertise and knowledge.

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Benefits of a hygienic, efficient and smart solution.jpg
Benefits of a hygienic, efficient and smart solution
Natural Refrigerants.jpg
Natural Refrigerants
Food preservation.jpg
Food preservation white paper
IoT on HVAC R systems white paper.jpg
IoT on HVAC/R systems white paper
Air humidity in paint booths.jpg
Air humidity in paint booths
Air humidity in the printing industry.jpg
Air humidity in the printing industry
Types of electrical protection when using inverters.jpg
Types of electrical protection when using inverters
Air humidity in museums and libraries.jpg
Air humidity in museums and libraries
Air humidification in hospitals.jpg
Air humidification in hospitals
Ecodesign & Energy Labelling.jpg
Ecodesign & Energy Labelling
Impact on refrigeration and air conditioning products
Flammable refrigerants - focus on hydrocarbons.jpg
Flammable refrigerants: focus on hydrocarbons
Refrigerant scenario.jpg
Refrigerant scenario
USA -  Commercial refrigeration equipment.jpg
USA: Commercial refrigeration equipment
New energy conservation standards
Highly efficient solutions for painting white paper.jpg
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