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An entire system dedicated to Indirect Evaporative Cooling in Data Centres

CAREL’s outstanding solutions for indirect evaporative cooling in data centres are a result of the attention the company has always paid to high-efficiency technologies, allowing the development of products and systems with specific characteristics to guarantee significant energy savings.

Extensive experience in the sector has brought in-depth knowledge of the specific application, essential for the continuous research the company devotes to making data centre cooling systems even more efficient and reliable. Thanks to this research, the strengths of the solutions CAREL has developed involve the ability to combine products into a system where every single element has been designed to support and boost the efficiency of the others: heat exchanger, adiabatic humidifier and controllers work in synergy, providing the key technologies for building the equipment used to cool servers.

IEC solutions are perfectly suited to new-generation data centres, designed with specific features to incorporate the use of high-efficiency systems. These have been growing in number in Europe for some time now, backed by CAREL’s solutions, and their success is also spreading to the rest of the world.

In China, for example, the growth of data centres is accelerating rapidly, with numerous recently-designed systems: for this reason, IEC was one of the most interesting solutions presented during CAREL’s participation at the recent China Refrigeration exhibition, the first event of 2021 to be held entirely in-person, yet where the importance of digital technology as support during the pandemic attracted particular attention.

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