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CAREL at the London Gatwick Data Centre, high performance and reliability

As part of the renovation and optimisation of the London Gatwick airport data centre, CAREL was commissioned the task of managing and controlling the site’s cooling system. The goal was to develop a technologically-advanced solution with the highest efficiency.

“This system exploits our experience with data centres spanning over a decade, combining efficiency, reliability and energy saving”, commented Enrico Boscaro, Group Marketing Manager - HVAC Industrial. “Our proposal is based on three key aspects: connectivity and system integration, an intuitive user interface, and complete controller programmability, so as fully satisfy the customer’s requirements. The CAREL solution adopted allows system integration and management, increasing energy efficiency”.

Indeed both efficiency and cost savings are evident after just a few years: 90% annual energy saving compared to the previous solution, making the system outstanding also from an environmental viewpoint.

The data centre, constructed by the Aqua group, has received the “DCS Award”, recognition given every year to the best designers, manufacturers and providers operating in the data centre business. The award recognises the achievements of both suppliers and their business partners.

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