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CAREL recognised for its Smact Competence Center innovation project

CAREL is one of the companies to have been awarded co-financing as part of the second Smact Competence Center “Innovation, industrial research and experimental development” initiative.

A total of 13 projects were awarded on 5 May this year, with the aim of increasing collaboration between business and research. The objective of the initiative is to multiply the possibilities for growth and cooperation between companies and academia, by promoting industrial research and experimental development projects in the field of advanced technologies that lead to optimisation of production processes and innovation of products and business models.

CAREL was awarded by SMACT for its SMART high-efficiency ultrasonic humidification project for optimising air handling in industrial and residential environments. The technologies that will be adopted to achieve the results proposed in the project are in fact those envisaged by SMACT (advanced analytics and big data, IoT, cloud computing) and are used in practice to collect and analyse data relating to indoor air quality and make such data available to end users via cloud platforms for automated management of humidification units.

The system designed by CAREL was awarded for three fundamental reasons: the impact on the international market, the excellence demonstrated in the development of the new product, and the quality of implementation of this solution, aimed at making the humidification units more efficient and preventing maintenance.

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