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CAREL to be guest presenter in the international webinar on “Energy and cooling technologies”

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

CAREL’s analysis of the role of research and innovation in the refrigeration industry

On 10 December at 11.30 am, CAREL will be a guest presenter in the “Energy and cooling technologies” webinar, organised by Italy’s Permanent Representation to the International Organisations in Paris, with the support of the International Renewable Energy Agency and the International Institute of Refrigeration .

The event stems from the need to discuss the issues of energy transition and the fight against climate change, increasingly at the centre of the global agenda and the concerns of individual countries. Playing a decisive role in the recently agreed decarbonisation objectives will be the ability to improve the efficiency of cooling and heating systems and related technologies: indeed a large portion of the world’s energy demand comes from building air conditioning, while the share required for refrigeration will also rise steadily over the next 20 years.

CAREL will participate in the webinar with the awareness that the refrigeration sector must be an active part in the dialogue between the actors who are taking up the fight against climate change, and will bring its experience through a speech on research and innovation in refrigeration. Biagio Lamanna, CAREL Knowledge Center Manager, will present the evolution of the technologies that the company has introduced onto the HVAC/R market over the last 40 years, whose main objectives are energy efficiency and sustainability and focus on the reintroduction of “old school” refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, to replace HFCs and other fluids that are harmful to the environment.

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