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In the industrial cooling segment, the recent F-Gas regulation is imposing changes to the choice of refrigerant. Process industries require safe and efficient solutions to operate their machinery, while optimising energy consumption to ensure sustainability and a lower environmental impact. Backed by extensive experience in the use of natural refrigerants, CAREL offers customisable solutions for the industrial chiller market, with products that meet the main demands in this sector:

  • Ready for R744 (CO2) in transcritical mode

  • Compatibility with the F-gas regulation

  • Reliable and durable products for small-mid size process chillers

  • Reduced energy consumption, especially with indoor use

  • Seamless service to end users

  • Advanced local and remote connectivity functions

If you are interested in switching to a safe and efficient solution, that ensures also sustainability and a lower environmental impact, discover CAREL's customisable offer for the industrial chiller market here

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