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R134a has been one of the most widely used refrigerants globally for passenger comfort, however it is going to be phased out in Europe under the F-gas regulation. The deployment of R1234yf, the like-to-like substitute for R134a, solves the Global Warming Potential issue, however introduces another critical aspect, i.e. flammability. CO2, on the other hand, is a natural gas with no flammability risk. Backed by extensive experience in the use of natural refrigerants, CAREL offers products for the transport market that respond to the main challenges for the development of CO2-based air conditioners:

  • Ready for the high pressure levels of R744 (CO2) in transcritical mode

  • Availability of fine temperature control in both cooling and heating modes

  • Performance with reliable and durable products for heavy-duty operation

  • Sustainability through algorithms for reduced energy consumption

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