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COVID-19 certificate (“Green Pass”) required for access to workplaces

To all customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, temporary staff, visitors, transporters and couriers.

This is to inform you that, pursuant to the requirements of Italian Decree Law 127/2021 of 21/9/2021, as of 15 October, anyone who works for or provides services to the CAREL Group companies located in Italy, in order to access the workplace will need to be in possession of and, upon request of the delegated personnel, exhibit their COVID-19 certificate (so-called “Green Pass”) or a valid vaccination exemption certificate. The certificates will be verified exclusively using the official “Verifica C19” app, and will be cross-checked against an identity document for the purpose of recognition.

Access to CAREL Group company workplaces in Italy will be denied in the event of refusal to provide the aforementioned documentation or where such documentation is unavailable or not valid.

To ensure compliance with these requirements, the recipients of this letter are kindly asked to check that their own certificates and those of their employees are valid before going to any of the CAREL Group’s Italian sites, and to cooperate fully during verification of the certificates.

All of the COVID-19 risk mitigation measures already implemented by the CAREL Group in its workplaces remain in force.

Complete information on the processing of personal data is available at reception.

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