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Double success for CAREL at China Refrigeration 2021

CAREL's participation at China Refrigeration 2021, to be held from 7 to 9 April in Shanghai, will commence with two prizes at the Innovation Awards for its commercial refrigeration solutions: Heosone and Heos CO2.

Heosone, presented at the event as an "All-in-one Variable Speed System Controller", took the Innovation Award for the most innovative product in the Refrigeration category. This kit of components was awarded for being able to be applied to both low- and medium-temperature systems that use propane as a refrigerant, for the control and management of chest freezers, wall-standing showcase plug-in coolers for supermarkets and professional refrigerators.

The award given to Heos CO2, presented at China Refrigeration as a “High Efficiency Waterloop System”, also demonstrates recognition for this solution, whose main benefit is its high energy saving capacity. The CAREL Heos refrigeration system comprises stand-alone refrigeration units installed on each cabinet and cooled by a water loop. Operating in synergy with CAREL's DC inverter compressors and E2V stepper valves, the solution guarantees high energy efficiency in the management of supermarket showcases and cold rooms.

“These awards recognise the excellence of our solutions”, commented Eason Cheng, Marketing Manager - Refrigeration APAC. “CAREL can in fact meet all commercial refrigeration needs, demonstrating once again reliability and adaptability to all applications on the market”.

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