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"Pathway to Net-Zero: Cooling Product List": CAREL products featured

On 29 March 2021 CAREL, represented by Nicola Biondo, Group Chief Financial Officer and Head of the Environment, Social and Governance team, was invited to participate in the UNEP COP 26 Cooling Champions webinar. The event was organized by the COP26 High Level Champions, the United Nations Environment Program, the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program and the Cool Coalition, with the aim of strengthening the path towards Net Zero Cooling.

During this webinar Fionnuala Walravens, Senior Campaigner of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), presented the report "Pathway to Net-Zero: Cooling Product List", including two CAREL products as examples of energy-efficient natural refrigerant based solutions for the commercial refrigeration sub-sector: Hecu, control for MT condensing units, and Heos, electronic control for waterloop systems, which is available both in the versions for R-744 (CO2) and for R-290 (propane).

The project presented at the webinar by EIA, an independent non-governmental organization founded in 1984 in the United Kingdom that aims to investigate and campaign against environmental crime and abuse, examined the path towards zero greenhouse gas emissions for the global refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. Moreover, it provided some recommendations on the best HVAC/R solutions available on the market and useful to outline the long-term vision for a 1.5°C climate-resilient world.

Hecu and Heos have been included in product lists recommended to end users with the aim of encouraging individuals to invest in these technologies. In addition to the solutions Hecu and Heos, EIA published a list of three case studies and four CAREL products on, a website dedicated to virtuous examples of companies using natural refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

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