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RED optimise: CAREL’s portal a winner at the IoThings Awards

On 29 September, IOTHINGS WORLD hosted the IoThings Awards ceremony, an event sponsored by Innovability to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the IoT ecosystem.

One of more than 100 companies selected, CAREL was shortlisted as a winner for its new RED optimise cloud portal for retail applications. The portal was first conceived in June 2019 and then developed by the CAREL IoT team, which nominated the project in the Data Analytics & AI category to showcase its digital transformation to the leading Italian and international companies in the IoT sector.

RED optimise is a web portal for centralised management of multiple sites, bringing together and processing data from the entire retail chain and thus providing valuable information through intuitive dashboards, advanced algorithms and clear messages that suggest possible optimisations. With RED optimise, all players in the food retail business can receive useful information on how to improve the energy performance and health of their stores, allowing the controller to be configured based on the feedback acquired by the sensors and boss family supervisors installed in the stores.

Ivan Favaro, Group Head of IOT & Application Solutions, commented: “We are proud to have received this award, confirming the culture of innovation pursued by CAREL and the desire to share our added value with users, not by simply offering products but rather complete, innovative and sustainable solutions”.

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