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The “CAREL Culture Code”, the expression of the corporate Vision

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

In a period of continuous success and growth on a constantly changing market, CAREL has formalised its corporate Vision, supported by the launch of the “CAREL Culture Code” project. The result is a cultural manifesto to be applied at all levels across the Group and involving all roles at the company, based on five main pillars: Be Open, Experiment, Care, Think Customer First and Make the Difference. Specifically, it is a set of practices and behaviours that have the aim of on one hand staying successful over the long term, and on the other communicating, day-to-day, both inside and outside of CAREL, the values that all company personnel identify with and are committed to consolidating through their work.

The CAREL Culture Code was announced globally on 12 November through a video with subtitles in the local language of all CAREL subsidiaries around the world. To mark the start of this collective journey and give further emphasis to the project, on 15 November at Brugine headquarters CAREL unveiled a mural painted by Padua street artist Alessio-b, thus celebrating the first week of the new culture code. The work, painted alongside the entrance, was also referred to in the letter sent by the company’s founders Luigi Rossi Luciani and Luigi Nalini to all CAREL employees around the world. The letter traces CAREL’s history from its origins, explaining the reasons that led to the decision to formalise the corporate Vision. “We are pleased and proud to have presented the CAREL Culture Code, a model that embodies our guiding principles and the cultural heritage that the Group has treasured, adapting them to the company’s present and future with one very simple objective: continue to grow and be successful, together”, commented Francesco Nalini, CAREL CEO.

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