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The new white paper on natural refrigerants is now online

Their minimal effect on the environment makes natural refrigerants a sustainable solution and the preferred option for optimising energy savings, with technologies that have evolved over recent years to adapt to their use. In several HVAC/R applications, natural refrigerants are now widely used in new equipment, especially in countries that have started phasing out HFCs. Nonetheless, this transition requires efficient systems that can also reduce indirect CO2 emissions.

“The aim of the ‘Natural Refrigerants’ white paper is to systematically bring together the results of years of study and research”, commented Miriam Solana, HVAC/R Technical Knowledge Specialist. “This paper examines the theory behind natural refrigerants and the technologies available to develop systems with the lowest total CO2 emissions. At CAREL we believe in the importance of supporting innovation and the broad use of these refrigerants, which represent a concrete and feasible response to environmental sustainability. The aim of our research continues to be the development of systems that are compatible with the unique characteristics of natural refrigerants and in compliance with regulations, without sacrificing efficiency”.

On 30 March, as part of the upcoming digital event on natural refrigerants organised by the ATMOsphere forum (Virtual Trade Show 2.0), the White Paper will be presented in a dedicated live webinar, during which Miriam Solana will provide an overview of the technologies available to design a high-efficiency system using natural refrigerants.

Download the free-of-charge ‘Natural Refrigerants’ white paper

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