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CAREL adopts the disconnection guidelines

CAREL has officially introduced disconnection guidelines, designed to foster more equilibrium between work and personal time and consequently improve the quality of work and ensure a better work-life balance for the Group’s employees.

The guidelines outline measures aimed at boosting efficiency and effectiveness in collaboration between colleagues, avoiding an “always on” approach and “customised” rules for each department. They in fact include limits on when emails can be sent to colleagues, to prevent them from being sent outside of office hours. Specifically, emails can no longer be sent between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m., and during holidays and when on leave it will be forbidden to call or write to colleagues to request work be done immediately. There are also some suggestions on optimising working time and, specifically, the time devoted to meetings, with the limit set at no more than 5 hours a day (and only in specific time slots), carefully choosing who should take part to avoid taking up time for too many people when not necessary. Finally, more attention will be paid to those who want to devote some time to individual work and do not want to be disturbed: employees can in these cases simply mark themselves as “not available” on their calendar. “For our people, time is the most precious resource we have in the company, and as such, we need to defend it in the best possible way. This is why we are confident that these simple disconnection guidelines will allow our colleagues and employees to improve not only their performance at work, but above all their own physical and mental health”, commented Carlo Vanin, Chief HR & Organization Officer.

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